Private Lessons

Our school offers private music lessons in 2 locations: Pikesville/Baltimore County and Owings Mills/Reisterstown area. Because no one learns in the same pace, J. Friedman Music School emphasizes private lessons as important phase in students development. Our experienced teachers analyze each students strengths and weaknesses, and develop a lesson plan and classical program individualized for each student. To achieve good results, it is also very important to practice daily so weekly homeworks are given to students. Parent involvement and support at home is an essential component to student success.
Students will learn important music fundamentals including music sight reading, solo and ensemble playing in a relaxed, stress-free classroom setting. Each student will have an opportunity to perform in public at least one time during each 15-weeks semester.

Semi-Private Lessons

This class teaches students to perform duets and trios. Students are trained to listen to each other, catch one another, and immediately adjust tempo and sound quality. Playing duets helps children develop new partnership skills and it is strongly recommended for each student.

Music Training

This course for young kids will focus on the basic music elements such as rhythm, tempo, dynamics, intonation, and phrasing. Children will learn music fundamentals using musical games. Students will be introduced to violin, keyboard, and piano. To train musical memory and voice, students will learn many popular songs; some songs will be selected for student recital.

Musical Theater

This class will provide students with basic Musical Theatre training and will focus on performance of well-known Broadway songs. Students will learn movement, acting, and singing. Each week a different topic will be taught starting with musicals from the 1950s to present time. This class is sure to be a wonderful musical experience!

Music Theory I


This class will study foundation of music theory and solfeggio. Students will learn clefs, notes, durations, rests, rhythmical patterns, intervals, steps, and accidentals. Children will be introduced to basic sight-reading technique which can be applied to their private lessons. To train musical memory, voice, and intonation, students will learn popular songs; some songs will be selected for student recital.

Music Theory II


This class will provide students with intermediate music theory knowledge. Every week will focus on a different topic including intervals, compound chords with inversions, key signatures, major and minor scales structure, circle of fifth, transposition, basics of harmony and composition.Students will also learn some sight-reading techniques which can be applied to their private lessons. This class will require some take home work.

School Levels

Elementary   Level I

Ages 4 - 5

Elementary   Level II

Ages 5 - 6

Elementary   Level III

Ages 6 - 7

Intermediate Level I

Ages 7 - 8

Intermediate Level II

Ages 8 - 10

Intermediate Level III

Ages 10 - 12

Advanced     Level I 

Ages 12 - 14

Advanced     Level II

Ages 14 16

Advanced     Level III

Ages 16 18

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